Nikki Hill

Walk on fire? I knew that the feat could be done – thousands of people firewalk every year at Tony Robbins events. But could I do it? I did have my doubts – especially when I felt the heat of the fire and saw the red hot coals. The thought crept into my head, “I’ll need a miracle to get across this bed of coals without pain or injury!” But I refused to allow that fear to linger; I eliminated the thought and replaced it with confidence. I did indeed storm across those coals – and thankfully, without pain or injury!

For me, the real magic and miracle of the firewalk came from watching some of my friends conquer abject terror to walk across the coals. Their courage is inspiring and their accomplishment nothing short of momentous. It was incredible to be able to share in that joy and celebrate with them. I can’t wait to firewalk again – not only because of the personal growth that comes with the territory – but I love being able to really connect with my friends and share such a moving experience with them.

– Nikki Hill