Team Building Programs

The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education’s commitment is to generate lasting enthusiasm and a deep sense that every player on your team can make a positive difference. Nothing accelerates personal empowerment and group bonding faster than any one of these programs.

Absolutely nothing!


We have custom-designed, action-packed programs that will be tailored to meet your individual and company needs. Over 15 years of corporate seminar facilitation experience gives us the specialized knowledge to design a unique program that will create a lasting impact and be talked about for years.

Our events are guaranteed to inspire your group, with the end result being increased focus and productivity, thus strengthening your company values and bottom line.

What Your Team Will Learn:

  • Team Building
  • Advanced Goal Setting
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
  • Breaking Through Fear
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Barriers
  • The Power of Focus

Low Ropes Course

In addition to a stronger team, enhanced communications skills, problem solving abilities, and fun, your group will learn to cooperate and develop trust within themselves and others. These are the outcomes that can be expected as a result of a trip to the low ropes course—characterized by it’s ability to create the need for group members to challenge their old ways of thinking and acting.

Group members faced with challenging problems are required to take risks, talk, and share responsibility for a successful effort.

The goal of the course is to have participants unite and function as a high level group. Individuals can expect to develop more effective people and problem solving skills. Each participant learns the meaning of cooperation and discovers that through cooperation they can accomplish much more than they would have previously thought possible.

Spider's Web

The objective is to cross from one side of the spider’s web to the other without touching the web. The group must create a plan that takes participant physical ability and size to lift, pass, and spot participants in order to get them through.

Trust Fall

A true trusting experience happens every time as you fall backwards into the crossed arms of your co-workers or friends. The Trust Fall relies on the strengths of many to support the smallest or largest person. A straight backwards fall without hesitation is the true mark of trust.

Board or Brick Breaking

What happens when we commit less than 100%? Many people live life in such a state and then wonder why they lost the promotion they thought they earned or why they are stuck in the "ruts of life." Whether you choose the one-inch thick board or the two-inch thick brick, the lesson of 100% commitment becomes immediately apparent. The board or brick break is feasible regardless of physical strength or martial arts experience, but requires 100% commitment and follow-through. This is the mentality of success.


Group members must figure out how to move across a stretch of ground while standing on a set of long beams with hand ropes attached. When a team starts taking steps in different directions, you quickly learn that being on the same page is vital to a team’s success.

All Aboard

Group members must devise a way to share space on a series of low, nested platforms, ranging in size from nine square feet to one square foot. Everyone’s feet must be off the ground and on the platform. The group must hold this position for a prescribed period of time.

Flash Mob

The Flash Mob is our newest team building tool that is guaranteed to take your team out of its comfort zone and stretch them to new heights. It is a choreographed dance that is done in a public area with lots of unexpected on-lookers. As the music is blasted throughout the venue, a progression of people start to dance, starting with only one individual and by the end of the song you have the entire team dancing and singing to the music. Once the song ends and everyone leaves as if nothing happened, your team will look back at the hard work they put in and know that they couldn’t have done it without each other.


Team members will discover inner strength, power and confidence as they journey with us through the fire, and uncover an exhilarating world where anything is possible. Guided through overcoming fears, building inner strength, and finally, after a calm and confident walk across the red-hot coals, your team can claim the life of their dreams on the other side, with a profound understanding that they can do anything they want.