[wp_colorbox_media url=”#inline_content1″ type=”inline” hyperlink=”Where did firewalking originate?”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#inline_content2″ type=”inline” hyperlink=”Why is Tolly Burkan called the founding father of the firewalking movement?”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#inline_content3″ type=”inline” hyperlink=”What is the best book on firewalking?”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#inline_content4″ type=”inline” hyperlink=”How long is the coal bed at a typical firewalk?”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#inline_content5″ type=”inline” hyperlink=”What kinds of wood are used for firewalking?”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#inline_content6″ type=”inline” hyperlink=”Are children permitted to attend firewalking classes?”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#inline_content7″ type=”inline” hyperlink=”Is Anthony Robbins associated with the Firewalking Institute?”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”#inline_content8″ type=”inline” hyperlink=”Why have there been recent news stories about people being burned during firewalking seminars?”]

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