Transmissions of the White Dragon

Tolly Burkan, Founder of the Firewalking Movement

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Let It Be Easy

Tolly Burkan

WHETHER IT’S HEAVEN OR HELL, we create our own lives. For those who are constantly struggling with finances, relationships, health, school or career, life is hell. But life was never meant to be a struggle.

A pioneer in the human potential movement, Tolly Burkan shows how easy it is to create an extraordinary life, beginning exactly where you are today. Instead of struggling to make things happen, he shows how you can master the art of letting things happen.

Designate today as the beginning of a new phase in your life. This profound little book will show you how easy it can be.

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Free Publicity: A TV Reporter Shares the Secrets for Getting Covered on the News

Jeff Crilley

Finally, a working journalist shares the secrets of getting covered on the news! Whether you have a non-profit agency, you’re a small business owner, an individual who wants coverage, or a PR pro, you’ll learn the stuff that only those inside a newsroom know.

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firewalk the psychology book cover
Free Publicity: A TV Reporter Shares the Secrets for Getting Covered on the News
John Sternfield
An unbiased, unique study of a mysterious yet widely practiced ritual, Firewalk takes you through the history, psychology, and physiology of the ancient, yet now modern, ritual of walking on fire. Highly recommended by Andrew Weil, MD, and the infamous contemporary firewalker Tolly Burkan.Buy from Amazon
the american dream from an indian heart book cover
The American Dream From an Indian Heart
Krish Dhanam
A book on developing and maintaining a vast appreciation for what you have…in potential opportunities and reality.Buy from Amazon
firewalking and religious healing book cover
Firewalking and Religious Healing
Loring M. DanforthThis book is a good example of how studying the same activity (firewalking) in two different contexts (Greece and the U.S.) can shed light on the practice in both cultures. The author is respectful about both Greek Christian and American New Age firewalkers, and reveals how the ritual is transformative for both groups… but, as you might expect, in very different ways! It will also tell you something about how rituals heal, and about medical anthropology.Buy from Amazon
the secret book cover
The Secret
RhondaByrneSupporters will hail this New Age self-help book on the law of attraction as a groundbreaking and life-changing work, finding validation in its thesis that one’s positive thoughts are powerful magnets that attract wealth, health, happiness… and did we mention wealth? Detractors will be appalled by this as well as when the book argues that fleeting negative thoughts are powerful enough to create terminal illness, poverty and even widespread disasters. The audio version of this controversial book, read by Byrne and contributing authors such as John Gray and Neale Donald Walsch, is uneven at best. The cheesy, obvious sound effects will not do much to add intellectual respectability to a work that has been widely denounced as pseudoscience. Mostly, this audio is hampered by its confusing and disjointed organizational techniques that worked reasonably well in the print version and the movie, such as cutting every few seconds from one enthusiastic expert to another, make for a choppy and somewhat bewildering listening experience. The gentle cadences of Rhonda Byrne’s breathy, Aussie-infused voice are certainly the best part of the audio, but her material is scarce and provides mostly connective tissue between the testimonials.Buy from Amazon

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