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  • Firewalking
  • Attain Any Goal
  • Mentorship by Millionaires


In just one four-hour seminar, you can discover your inner strength, power and confidence. Journey with us through the fire, and you’ll discover an exhilarating world where anything is possible. You will be guided through overcoming your fears, building your inner strength and finally, after a calm and confident walk across the red-hot coals, claiming the life of your dreams on the other side!

You will profoundly understand that you can do anything you want.

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Attain Any Goal

Using a process created by peak performance expert Tony Robbins, this intense ten-hour seminar will help you overcome the fears that keep you from achieving all of your goals, whether they are personal, professional or financial. You will also be guided by seminar leaders in goal setting exercises, positive visualization, and other empowerment activities.

This seminar culminates in a life-changing eight-foot Firewalk. The real secret to achieving everything you desire is tapping into your personal power. You’ll discover this power when you walk across a blazing hot bed of coals with newfound confidence and inner strength.

After attending Overcoming Fear & Goal Setting, you may choose to join a peer to- peer-mentoring group. Limited to ten members, each group has a regularly scheduled phone conference to offer each other support, accountability, and the opportunity to celebrate successes.

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Mentorship by Millionaires

Are you interested in becoming a millionaire using real knowledge and personal power—not over-hyped, get-rich-quick schemes? If so, join us for a full-immersion seminar led by self-made millionaires. Have you ever wondered how people who have amassed wealth do it? Why do they look so confident and comfortable? It is because they have developed a strategy for wealth. They look comfortable because they don’t have to worry about money. If this is how you want to look and feel, then this course is for you.

This ten-hour event is designed to teach you how to achieve all of your financial goals with ease. This course is a must for those who are not content with their current financial status. You will learn from millionaires who have achieved their dreams and reached their goals of becoming financially independent.

You And Your Mentors Will Explore These Topics In-Depth:

  • Savings basics
  • Real estate investing
  • Starting your own business
  • Protecting and repairing your credit
  • A new formula for tracking your personal finances