Scotty Davis

Master Instrutor Scotty Davis

In 2011 Scottie attended a Tony Robbins Conference and experienced Firewalking for the first time.  This life changing event, coupled with the four day conference inspired him to conduct Firewalking Seminars himself.  Scottie queried the Great Book of Google on Firewalking and discovered the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (FIRE).  This being the same Organization which trained Anthony Robbins more than validated the training methodologies he was searching for.

Scottie spent 15 years as a Trainer in the Insurance Industry.  He is a Speaker, International Trainer, Life Coach, Master Firewalk Instructor and near completion of his first book.  Scottie has trained over 100 new Instructors from around the world.  He has conducted Corporate Firewalks Internationally and has Firewalked over 800 times in Hawaii, South Africa and across the United States.  He regularly conducts other Seminars such as Breathwork Experience and Attain Any Goals. Scottie’s unique training style creates excellent rapport and provides for wonderful cross cultural communication.