Montse Pujada

Team Building Firewalk

Master Firewalking Instructor, Madrid, Spain

Montse helps women empowering their lives and reinvent their careers to achieve balance between their family and professional life. She has the conviction that if there is no real balance aid by governments, women have the responsibility to reinvent their careers to be able to get that balance.

After many years working as a pharmacist, in 2010 Montse changed her professional life to help people as a coach, trainer and speaker. Montse is Master Practitioner in NLP, Certified Master Instructor of Firewalking and Professional Coach. She, also took up Neuroscience studies.

Montse is one of the youngest Master Instructor of Firewalking in the world. In 2011 she had her 1st experience with Firewalking and she really loved it. After that, she decided to learn more about it and become an Instructor. 3 years after her FIT, she became a Master Instructor.