Joaquin Zevallos

Joaquin Zevallos, successful businessman, business leader, educator, diplomatic, consultant. Was Secretary of State, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Minister of Production and Foreign Trade. President of the Ecuadorean International Chamber of Commerce, President of the Iberoamerican Chamber of Commerce and Industries, “AICO”, President of the Federation of the Ecuadorean National Chambers of Commerce, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Guayaquil. Actively participated in the peace negotiatons between Ecuador and Perú. Also participated in the resolution of the conflict in Chiapas, Mexico on behalf of the United Nations. Has been and still is a Director for various Insurance Companies, as well as Director for companies related to telecommunications, health, Banks, tourism, constructing, hotels, airports, environmental companies, non profit organizations, Founder of the Business University Ecuador, Director of Public companies and Diplomatic organizations. Has been awarded various recognitions and decorations not only in Ecuador but Internationally such as the Medal for Civic Merit for Peace, the highest business degree medal for Iberoamerica, Diplomatic Corp, Municipalities and business Chambers; has also been given the keys for various cities throughout the world, including the Indigenous Command Cane.

Has been a known lecturer and has participated in numerous national and international forums , with personalities such as Your Majesty the King of Spain Don Felipe VI, ex US President, Bill Clinton, Felipe Aznar, Fidel Castro, Al Gore, Lech Walesa, Vicente Fox, Cesar Gaviria, renowned businessmen such as : Bill Gates, Steve Forbes including the Nobel Prize for economy Mr. Joseph Stiglitz. Has participated in forums such as ” the Economist”, in the European Community , in Chile, England, United States, Colombia, Brazil, Portugal , Peru, Spain, Mexico and Germany amongst other countries.
Graduated with Tony Robbins in : Master University, Life Mastery, business Mastery.
Master and Executive Firewalking Coach and instructor. Graduated and highly trained in high impact at the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education