Celia Pérez

Master Instrutor Celia Perez

Changemakers CEO
Speaker Business Coach & Corporate Trainer
Master Firewalking Instructor

Celia has been more than 15 years working in multinational as Manager Director in Sales and Marketing, with special enphasis in team work, different techniques, and courses reaching different goals and company objetives.
All this experience allowed me in 2012 to take a great step in my profesional life, founding my own company “CHANGEMAKERS”. My personal mission is help people live a life full of energy and health, with multiples breakthroughs allowing them a higher standard of life. I have developed different techniques and strategies in order to empower people, team work and leadership.

Celia helps people to understand that limits are only in their mind. Her work is focused on help people to get the best mindset to achieve important goals for them. She is a famous Speaker and Corporate Trainer in Spain.

Right now, Celia is involved in different empowerment projects for Multinationals, Councils, Business Schools, etc in which she has helped thousands persons to understand how their limit beliefs and fears don’t let them live the highest life they could dream.