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You Can Become a Certified Firewalking Instructor!

Now you can become a Firewalking Institute of Research and Education Certified Firewalking Instructor with our FIT—Firewalking Instructor Training!

With this status you will have all the skills needed to generate additional income while helping people at the same time. Whether you are a speaker, a corporate trainer, a life coach or just an individual that wants to get to the next level, this course is one you simply cannot afford to miss. This in-depth program will teach you everything you need to know to enhance your current program or life and get it running more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Super-Charge Your Current Program
With Our Empowerment Intensive FIT.

This transformative seminar is held on a beautiful private estate and will take you on a journey unlike anything you have experienced in your lifetime.

At the conclusion of this seminar, you will emerge as a stronger more confident person, with a degree of clarity previously unrealized.

F.I.R.E. has worked hard to ensure that each participant emerges from this experience with the ability to attain your goals. You will discover a new person within yourself and be poised to move beyond your present limitations and borders—equipped with a whole new outlook on life.


Join the ranks of exceptional speakers like Tony Robbins, James Ray, Edwene Gains,
and T Harv Eker all graduates of F.I.R.E.

One focus of the course is to teach you how to conduct empowering firewalking classes for your family, friends, or the public. However, in addition to firewalking, you will also master—and be able to teach other people—accelerated learning, glass-walking, steal bar bending, using mind over matter to break pointed arrows with your throat, board breaking, smashing cinder blocks with your bare hand, and many other remarkable skills. Plus, you will learn leading-edge exercises that facilitate attaining personal empowerment. Many people take this course solely for personal empowerment and spiritual insight, with no intention of ever teaching firewalking. (Chiropractors, salesmen, corporate trainers, meeting planners, spiritual leaders and motivational speakers, in particular, have found this course to be invaluable.) There are no prerequisites for this course and NO prior experience with firewalking is required.

Additionally, the classroom portion covers every aspect of firewalking safety, wood types, liability, promotion, working with media, developing presentation skills, and any other information specifically requested. The class is small and intimate, so everyone receives personal attention. With the successful completion of the course, you will be qualified as a F.I.R.E. Certified Firewalking Instructor by the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education. Imagine, in only four days , you can have a profitable new vocation that also empowers others and serves humanity!


  • Team Building
  • Advanced Goal Setting
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
  • Breaking through Fear
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Barriers
  • The Power of Focus
  • Create Your Own Reality workshop

Empowerment Training Classes

  • Firewalking
  • Walking on Broken Glass (barefoot)
  • Board Breaking with Bare Hands
  • Brick Breaking with Bare Hands
  • Arrow Breaking with your Throat
  • Steel Bar Bending with your Throat
  • Breath work Classes
  • Low Ropes Courses

Interview with Dave Albin

Watch the 10+ year veteran Fire Captain for Tony Robbins talk about our intensive, life-changing program!

Plan on full, intense days. The firewalk’s include an 8-foot coal bed, a 12-foot coal bed, and, on the last night, there is a 20-foot firewalk.

In addition to classes, the institute does provide private one-on-one certification programs. These programs run $10,000 plus expenses.

All Master Instructors teach from the core teachings of the institute. Some instructors may add elements such as ropes courses and sweat lodges. View the individual course descriptions to determine the contents of each course. Plan on surprises! We seek to under promise and over deliver.

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