Executive Firewalking Instructor Training (EFIT)

The Efit Is The Most Comprehensive Firewalk Certification Course Available Today.

The concept of a Master Class is a time-honored way for true masters of an art to pass along their wisdom, knowledge and skills. Visual artists learn more in a day with a master than they do in months of school. Singers grow enormously from a few hours spent with a renowned performer. Martial artists study with the master, spiritual seekers search for their guru.

The EFIT is the most comprehensive firewalk instructor certification course available today. This is an advanced program that focuses on the business of firewalk seminar facilitation. This empowerment intensive will provide you with all the tools needed to create a successful seminar career. The program covers all aspects of the business of firewalking. One very important topic of this course deals with how to effectively market and generate sales for your business.

In the Executive Firewalking Instructor Training (EFIT) you will learn from masters of each of the separate talents needed to plan, sell and facilitate successful firewalking events. If you want to learn how to share the experience of walking on fire and help others grow from that experience, the EFIT is for you. If you want to grow personally and professionally, the EFIT is for you. You will leave the EFIT, a Master Class in Firewalking, with new levels of understanding, a fresh appreciation of your potential and epiphanies about your future.


Examples of Topics Covered

Sales and marketing are necessary elements of having successful events. How do you reach the people interested in your event? How do you generate interest in those who have never heard of firewalking?

When the details of an event are properly planned, the attendees will think you are hardly working. When there are problems, they will think you didn’t work hard enough. All the details for facilitating a flawless experience are examined, from transportation; room set up and drinks, to lighting, sound and minimizing distractions.

Public speaking has a reputation as something that frightens many people. You will grow as a speaker from the exercises and critiques in this section. More importantly you will learn that speaking is only part of facilitating. Keeping the group focused and energized is another skill you will consider. Done well this rises to the level of an art form; performance art.

And of course, walking on a bed of coals is a more complex event to co-ordinate than most seminars. All the specific issues of having the fire, safety, setting and group dynamics come together just when you want them to, require a team of trusted individuals. In this section you will consider these factors.

In This Course, You Will Learn

  • Advanced Firewalking Situations
  • How to Improve your Public Speaking Skills
  • Space Planning for your Events
  • How to Market your Events
  • Audience Engagement Skills
  • How to Grow your Business
  • Sales Skills
  • Advanced Facilitation Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Building Skills



Executive Firewalk Instructors are able to list intensives on the firewalking.com website. Executive Firewalk Instructors may use Institute developed seminar materials to conduct intensives in their markets. These materials include workbooks, production books, training materials and advertising materials.Executive Instructors also get priority over Certified Instructors in receiving sales leads from F.I.R.E. Currently all Executive Instructors may attend all F.I.R.E. events free of charge.

Currently there is no further tuition required to become a Master Instructor.

Course Details

The course is 5 intense days, followed by a 4 day FIT, where the student will teach various portions of the course. Successful completion of this course moves you one step closer to being a Master Instructor with F.I.R.E.